Maccasio, the 69 boss and the rappers jack was on the 6th of February seen on the streets of Zabzugu in the northern region in a flout with his fans ahead of his evening show dubbed: “Maccasio Live in Zabzugu”

Don Dee and Maccasio on Stage

“Maccasio Live in Zabzugu” was a big event that featured artists from Zabzugu like the Star boy Don Dee, Don Ziggy, Mark Hardy, Sulley Reign, Seaker, Awanasay and many others. The event was organized and staged at Sonaa Lodge in Zabzugu Town.

Don Dee, who happens to be the top popular artist with the biggest fan base in Zabzugu was crowned the best artist of the night by Entertainment Analysts.

Don Dee set the stage on fire with his electrifying performance and the fans couldn’t hold back when he was performing songs like “Sell out” and “Endorsed”. The chorus of these popular songs could be heard a million miles away from the Zabzugu township.

Don Dee is a true entertainer and it was a thrilling experience watching his fans jumping up and down crying for him not to leave the stage for any other artist again.

Undoubtedly, this is a very clear indication that if any artist from any part of the country has a program or concert in Zabzugu without Don Dee, it won’t go down well.



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