Breaking News: Western Togoland Declares Independence From Ghana

A separatist group championing the secession of Western Togoland from the republic of Ghana has declared its independence.

The leader of Western Togoland independence, Mr Charles Kormi Kudzodzi(Papavi Hogbedetor), announced the separation of Western Togoland from Ghana on Saturday, November 16, 2019, after the group’s general meeting in Ho.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) has been demanding the secession of the Volta Region and parts of the Northern, North East and Upper East Regions from Ghana to become the Western Togoland state.

They claim that residents of the Western Togoland voted to become a union with the Gold Coast (now Ghana) but the union had not been established up till now and that Ghana opted to be a unitary state under the plebiscite in 1956 [referendum] to be in union with a common constitution with the WesternTogoland and the Gold Coast but there had been no unionized constitution up to date.

The group further claims that the Western Togoland was not incorporated in the act establishing the Gold Coast by Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

It has been calling for the declaration of Western Togoland which is perceived as stretching from Kulungugu in the Upper East Region to Keta in the Southern coast by the Atlantic ocean as a sovereign state.

According to the group the Gold Coast voted to be a unitary state on July 12, 1956, while the Western Togoland voted to be in union with Ghana on July 9, 1956, and that the union had not been established till now.

Source: News-Af.DailyActive.Info

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